Electrify Your Acoustic Instrument With A Pickup

You can amplify your very own acoustic violin, viola, cello or upright bass by putting a violin pickup or microphone on the instrument.  Violin pickups not only allow you to be heard well by your audience, but will grant you freedom to move about in performance rather than standing still behind a microphone stand!  There are several categories of violin pickups to choose from depending on your tone and budget requirements, which you can filter this category by clicking on the 'TYPE' in the left-hand column or learn more about in the article linked below...

**Research: Picking out the Perfect Pickup**

We carry a large selection of piezoelectric transducers from Fishman, Headway, K & K, Kremona, LR Baggs, Realist, Schatten, Starfish and Yamaha.  Schertler makes both electrostatic transducers, which they call their STAT series, and dynamic contact mics, called the DYN series, that adhere to the body of the instrument.  We also carry excellent clip-on instrument microphones from Audio-Technica and DPA.

Shop here for violin pickups and instrument mics by filtering by instrument, pickup type, price and brand in the left-hand column.  If you are not sure which type of pickup suits your needs and your budget, please call us toll-free at 866-900-8400 to get our expert assistance over the phone or read our article on how to choose the right pickup for you.

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