Barbera Transducer Systems pickup bridges

Barbera Transducer pickup bridges are no longer for sale individually through dealers. The Barbera pickup's legendary balanced tone, punchy attack and high output signal are still available on these instrument models:

  • Wood Violins Viper, Sabre and custom Stingray Pro (read individual product descriptions as Wood Violins optionally come fitted with the Wood 'house bridge')
  • Vector Prodigy violins and violas (Pro models only) and Cellette cellos
  • Jordan violins (most Jordans are fitted with a Barbera pickup; please refer to product descriptions for pickup type)

Starfish 6-string pickup bridge

If you are seeking a great-sounding stand-alone pickup and not a new or different instrument, check out our full offering of pickups here or view bridge replacement pickups like the Barbera here.  We like and recommend Starfish pickup bridges as a Barbera pickup alternative. They are available in 4, 5, 6 or 7 string versions!

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