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Realist RV-5Pe acoustic-electric violin, 'Frantique' finish

On Order--call for ETA

The Realist RV-5Pe violin is finally here! The latest five string from the new European line of Realist violins, it's an instrument of exceptional quality. This RV-5Pe has the 'Frantique' finish over the close-grained spruce top and tightly-flamed maple back and sides. Acoustic tone is complex, sweet, and pure, while the amplified tone is rich and nuanced.

The wait is finally over! Announced almost a year ago, the Realist™ RV-5Pe is finally shipping from the folks at David Gage/Realist™. The RV-5Pe is the flagship of their new line of European-built Realist™ acoustic-electric violins. This particular instrument has the "Frantique" finish. It's a warm, reddish gold over the close-grained spruce top and tightly-flamed maple of the back and sides. The finishes on the RV-5Pes are more subtle and nuanced than the previous RV-5 Pro, and the wood selection is of a noticeably higher quality than the earlier RV-5Se mid-range European violins. The build quality on the RV-5Pe is excellent, and the instrument feels great to play and sounds awesome under the ear. To accommodate the additional peg of the five-string model, the RV-5Pe has a viola-sized scroll. This makes the spacing between each peg really nice for tuning, but may make the scroll look unbalanced to some customers. The modeling on this purpose-built 5-string violin is excellent; it's set up well and nearly as playable as your average four string. The bridge curvature is just right, and the string spacing at the bridge and nut are such that it hardly feels like you're playing a five string at all. For the RV-5Pe, the familiar volume knob in the treble "C" bout is paired with a second tone knob, a sweepable potentiometer that lets you shape the amount of treble or bass that goes out to your amplifier. The Realist RV-5Pe has a rich, warm tone, with noticeably more color and complexity than either the RV-4e or The RV-5Se. "Unplugged", its tone is sweet, pure, and complex; that added nuance of its un-amplified sound gives the RV-5Pe a clear advantage over the other Realist models edge when it's plugged into an amplifier, as well. The RV-5Pe's amplified tone is among the best we've heard in an acoustic-electric. The built-in Realist™ pickup ensures a strong output signal that's well-balanced across the strings. It's also quite resistant to feedback, making it a good choice for performers playing in louder bands. The Realist RV-5Pe is an excellent choice for any player who wants the added flexibility of playing either amplified or acoustically, but demands an instrument of higher quality than most dedicated acoustic-electric offer. It's especially good for educators who want a no-compromise instrument for the classroom, that allows you to double the violin and viola parts (and even the cello part, an octave higher) without switching instruments. The RV-5Pe also projects well enough to play over the class, when necessary, and its acoustic tone has enough color and complexity to satisfy a more discerning ear. Price includes an oblong hard shell case.

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