Roland Mobile Cube

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If you're looking for a small battery-powered amp with a great sound, look no further! The Mobile Cube from Roland sounds great with violin, and has some nice digital effects built-in, too! It's only 5 watts, so you're not going to bring down the house, but it's plenty loud for a small crowd, even outdoors!

Roland's Mobile Cube is a busker's or traveller's dream -- it's small, runs on batteries, yet is loud enough to project to a small outdoor crowd. Sounds great with acoustic-electric and solid-body electric violins. It's equipped with Roland's well-regarded FX engine, so you've got digital models of many of the most popular effects, including the legendary Roland stereo chorus, overdrive and distortion, delay and reverb, etc. Tone is much better than you'd expect from such a small unit, and it runs on six AA batteries. Incredibly light (under six pounds!), it can be easily slung over one shoulder with a regular guitar strap or can be mounted on a standard microphone stand!. The Mobile Cube has inputs for nearly any audio type imaginable, including keyboards, computer audio, MP3 or CD playback, mini-PA, field recorder playback and much more.

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