Used Schertler DYN-B bass transducer

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The Schertler DYN-B bass transducer sounds like a great studio mic, yet is attached to your bass so you can move with the music. This used DYN-B gives you all the benefits of a new one, but at a great bargain price. Save almost $235 off the current price of a new DYN-B, while sacrificing nothing in tone
If you want your audience to hear all the tonal nuances of your bass, the Schertler DYN-B electrodynamic bass transducer is your best choice! Like having a studio quality microphone following you around! Great tone, strong signal, perfect accuracy - you'll never use a piezo pickup again! Installs on the back with high-tech putty, removed easily. It installs and removes quickly, and is even safe on old Italian varnish. Safe enough for Rostropovich to put on his Strad cello! The transducer has a short wire that ends in a 3 pin connector held between the strings in front of the tailpiece. An 88" cable plugs into the connector and ends in a standard XLR mic jack. No phantom power is required. NOTE: Do not thump the piston of the transducer to see if it works - it is very sensitive and can be damaged. (The sensitivity is why it sounds so good!)
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