Sensicore Octave viola string set

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How low can you go? The Sensicore Octave perlon strings sound a full octave below the normal viola range, making your instrument's "voice" deeper than ever before. Turn your electric or acoustic viola into a cello!

If you've been wanting to perform or record in a lower range, and you don't have the time to master the cello, the Sensicore Octave strings let you tune your viola an octave lower, giving you the same pitch as a cello!

Sound is decent enough with an acoustic instrument, though the body isn't deep or long enough to give full projection to the lower tones. On an acoustic/electric or solid-body electric, however, the sound is amazing. Give your bass-er instincts free rein, and take it down a notch. Have a blast improvising in a totally new soundscape.

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