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Sensicore VIOLA String Set

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We recommend Sensicore professional-quality Perlon-core strings for violists playing 5 or 6-string instruments, as both high-quality low F and high E-strings are available in matched sets. Octave strings, for tuning to the same pitch as a cello, also available.

Sensicore professional-quality Perlon-core strings offer a great value for the money. Provides the player with the feel of a traditional gut string, but is much less sensitive to temperature and humidity changes. Tonally, these strings are warmer and less bright than a steel-core string. We recommend Sensicore strings to players with five or six-string violas. Gives a consistent, high-quality string in a matched set from low F all the way to the high E-string. Octave strings are also available in 4-string sets for tuning as a cello, or for special effects, such as having the lowest strings on a five or six--string instrument sound an octave (or more!) lower than the rest of the viola!

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