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Current offer - Early Black Friday

Get $10 off every $100 you add to the shopping cart automatically (up to $200 off over $2,000)! Good on qualifying items only. Excluded items: Gift Certificates, Packages, Bundles, Outfits, B-stock, Used, Clearance, Bose L1 systems. See full list of excluded products, brands and categories below.


Applying A Discount Code

Coupon codes can be applied in the shopping cart or during the payment step of the checkout process. During checkout, click on the down arrow to expand the 'Apply Discount Code' area, then accurately type (or copy/paste) the given code into the discount code field and click 'Apply Discount.'


Promotional exclusions

Offers are good only as long as advertised on site.

All promotional pricing is good only for in-stock items, only within the stated time-frame of the promotion and only if all the requirements of the promotion are met. Exclusions and promotional periods are subject to change. Please read the full list of of items and categories generally excluded from promotions below (unless otherwise stated within the promotion itself) or contact us for information about promotions and pricing.

General Exclusions:

Promotional discounts may not be combined -- only one discount may be applied per order. The following exclusions apply unless otherwise stated in the promotion.

  • Excluded Categories or item types:
    • Gift Certificates
    • 'Deal of the Week' items
    • Spring Cleaning Sale items
    • "B stock"
    • Clearance
    • 'Click for price' items
    • Collectible
    • Packages (or 'Bundles')
    • Scratch and dent
    • Used
  • Excluded Brands or Models:
    • Bose L1
    • Boss RC-300 Loop Station
    • Bridge "Golden Tasman electro-acoustic" violins
    • DPA microphones
    • Electro-Harmonix effects
    • Fourness (Fuse)
    • Jordan Violins
    • Line 6 Relay G10 and G30 wireless systems
    • Samson
    • Schertler
    • Stratton Violins (Skull)
    • Wes Lambe
    • Wood Violins [Viper and Sabre models]
    • Yamaha YEV electric violins
    • Zeta
  • Free Shipping Exclusions: Free ground shipping offer excludes the Kustom KXB1, Kustom Sienna 16 Pro, Kustom 30, Kustom Deep End 50 and Deep End 200-210 amps, and Wood Violins Viper hard cases. Click here for information on our ongoing free shipping promotion and its exclusions.