Vector Prodigy 1/2 size, maple

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The 1/2-size Vector Prodigy allows young players to enjoy plugging with an easy transition from acoustic to electric. The Vector Prodigy electric violin is one of the lightest electric violins on the market. In spite of its sleek, modern shape, it feels quite similar to your acoustic violin.

The Vector Prodigy is one of the best overall values in the electric violin market. Extremely lightweight and responsive, it is hand made of beautiful curly maple for the top and neck, and walnut for the spine and shoulder pad crescent. This is not a commercial product -- each Prodigy electric violin is hand-crafted by a caring maker. This is one of the most attractively-priced hand-made instruments available. Vector makes a 3/4-size and full-size too, and EVS has a generous trade-in program, so there is very little loss on investment when your young player outgrows this violin. Vector Prodigy electric violins have a strong, open tone, convincingly acoustic -- they're popular with players of acoustic styles that are transitioning into louder, larger bands, or playing at larger venues where amplification is a must. Although the maker recommends using a preamp with this violin, we think it sounds great when paired with a good acoustic amplifier -- call for our latest recommendation. Nick Tipney of Vector was filmed for a segment on Discovery's popular "How It's Made"! Check out Electric Violin (How It's Made) on YouTube. The video features both the standard maple and walnut instrument and the teal and black version that EVS first suggested. Ships in a foam core case with nylon cover. weight 1.2 pound

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Wireless Compatibility Line 6 Relay G10, Line 6 Relay G30
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