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Vector Prodigy Pro 5-string Viola, Teal transparent

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This teal and black Vector Prodigy viola is a truly beautiful instrument. The transparent teal stain accentuates the beautiful figure of the viola's curly maple top. It sounds great and feels quite natural, as quick and responsive as your acoustic instrument. The Barbera Twin Hybrid bridge delivers a rich, powerful viola tone.

Nick Tipney at Vector Instruments does a fantastic job with his transparent stained instruments, and this teal beauty is no exception. The colored finish is transparent enough to reveal the striking figure of the curly maple top. Variations in the wood's figure from instrument to instrument ensure that each Prodigy Pro viola is unique. The lower bout and central spine of this teal viola are finished in satin black, providing a beautiful contrast.

The amplified sound of this instrument is as gorgeous as its color -- a five-string Barbera Twin Hybrid bridge igves the Prodigy Pro a rich, focused, and powerful tone.. Of course, your acoustic viola doesn't have a low F string, a fifth below the C, so the Prodigy Pro may actually sound *better*. If you're wanting to steal thunder from the violin section rather than the upper half of the cellos, we can re-string this with a viola-length high E string, instead.

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Wireless Compatibility Line 6 Relay G10, Line 6 Relay G30
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