Vector Prodigy Pro 6, matte black

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This gorgeous electric violin is the lightest six-string on the market. The Prodigy Pro is equipped with a Barbera Twin Hybrid bridge, for a rich, powerful tone and strong output signal. A wider neck with excellent string spacing at the nut, and a good bridge curvature makes the Prodigy Pro 6-string very playable.
If you need to go deeper than a five string violin can take you, but you want an instrument that still feels like a violin and isn't overly heavy, the Vector Prodigy 6 string is the answer to your prayers. It's the lightest six string on the market, and it feels quite natural, very quick and responsive. Hand-built in Nova Scotia of traditional tonewoods, this beautiful teal and black model has the Starfish Design transducer bridge. Its tone is dark and warm, very violinistic. The combination of Nick's design and this pickup make for a six string electric that feels and sounds quite natural, quick and responsive like your acoustic, with a full, rich bass, especially on the low F.
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Wireless Compatibility Line 6 Relay G10, Line 6 Relay G30
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