Fractional Sizes

Looking for a smaller instrument? This category contains fractional size electric violins, fractional size bows, and a pickup recommendation that adjustably fits full and fractional size violins. Read more...

To date, only one maker we know of produces a high quality, playble and good-sounding solid-body electric violin, and that is Vector Instruments. The Vector Prodigy--an extremely lightweight electric violin that also accomodates sized shoulder rests--is made in 1/2 and 3/4 size as well as 4/4 (or full-size). This is nice for growing students who become serious about electric violin at a young age as we are willing to accept trade-ups* to the next size, from 1/2 to 3/4 to 4/4.

The Vector Prodigy is not inexpensive, and many teachers and parents of young students aren't prepared to invest as much as the price of a Vector Prodigy into a student whose interest in violin may wane. In this case we highly recommend using a violin pickup until the student has grown into a full-size instrument (of which many less expensive models exists), at which point there's more certainty that the student is committed to the electric violin journey.

The pickup we recommend for fracional-size players is the Barcus-Berry 3100 violin pickup (see below) because the pickup element clamps to the side of the violin bridge and can be made to fit on 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4-size violins. (Note: shimming may be required to allow the output jack to securely clamp onto the thinner body of a fractional size instrument.)

Lastly, we carry one violin bow in 3/4 size: the fantastic CodaBow Prodigy. The Prodigy bow is a tremendous value since it outperforms the majority of wooden bows in its price range and its carbon fiber stick is virtually indestructable! When the student grows into a full-size there is a 4/4 Prodigy bow to match as well as a full line of fine student-to-professional-level CodaBows.

*We cannot offer full original price trade value, however, we do offer better trade-up terms on instruments purchased from our shop.

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