Bridge electric violins are among the most elegantly-designed and beautiful electric violins on the market. Crafted from a Kevlar® and carbon-fiber composite, the Aquila four-string and Lyra five-string model Bridge electric violins are as durable as they are attractive. Bridge electric violins have a distinctively gorgeous dark tone, partly due to the design of Bridge's proprietary pickup system, and partly due to the acoustic resonance of a Bridge electric violin's hollow body. Partial upper bouts and a well-shaped neck give these instruments a very natural feel. Perhaps no other make on the market today comes in as wide a color variety as do Bridge electric violins. They are available in either a burst or marbleized finish in blue, green, purple and red, or in solid black or solid white. To learn more about Bridge Violins, read our informational page or call us toll-free at 866-900-8400 for availability or ordering assistance.
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