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Wes Lambe slender-body electric violin, quilted maple

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EVS is excited to be carrying the first hand-made electric violins from noted local luthier Wes Lambe. This blonde beauty (#174) is carved from a single piece of quilted maple. It's thinner through the shoulders and hips than a traditional violin, so it requires a 1/2 - 3/4-sized shoulder rest, but the body is a standard 4/4 length. Wes designed his own pickup -- it's a passive piezo system that produces a warm, natural tone. Like all of Wes's violins, it's equipped with Perfection Peg geared tuners. Price includes a dart-shaped hard shell case.

As beautiful as they are functional, Wes Lambe's electric violins represent a true value -- very few hand-crafted, U.S.-made instruments from a single maker are this affordable. Wes Lambe's innovative spirit and the quality of his work are well-known in the guitar world, so it should come as no surprise that his first forays into the electric violin world are as good as they are. This first Lambe electric violin (#174*) is a slender beauty, carved from a single piece of highly-figured maple, with a clear satin finish that really brings out the quilt pattern in the wood . The result is a gorgeous instrument, 'though it's a bit narrower through the shoulders and hips than a traditional 4/4 violin -- if you play with a shoulder rest, you'll need a 1/2 - 3/4-sized model. However, the body and scale length are standard for a full-sized violin. The back of the instrument is hollowed out to reduce weight, and left open. The simple elegance of the wiring and the quality of the maker's work are clearly on display. All of Wes Lambe's electric violins are equipped with Knilling's Perfection® Planetary Pegs, which preserve the look and feel of traditional friction pegs, but are much easier to tune, and more pitch-stable when the temperature or humidity change. He has designed his own bridge-based pickup system, and it's perfectly matched to his instrument, producing a warm, natural tone, well-balanced across the instrument's range. This violin has a volume control and a sweepable tone knob -- if you like a brighter, more brilliant tone, turn it fully clockwise, or turn it counter-clockwise for a darker sound. Wes Lambe's instruments come with a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship. The price of the instrument includes a dart-shaped hard shell case. * Wes Lambe's serial numbers are sequential across all the instruments that he's made, so even 'though this is only the second electric violin he's made, the serial number is 174.

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