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Wood Violins Stingray Pro 5, Black Cherry

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With gorgeous custom finishes and numerous upgrades, the Stingray Pro offers an excellent step up from the Stingray SVX, for players that aren't yet looking for their first Viper. This Stingray Pro has a gorgeous Black Cherry finish, with both metallic and mica flakes adding sparkle to the color. Other upgrades include Wittner FineTune pegs, Wood Violins Perlon strings, a better tailpiece, and a nicer lightweight case.

With his Electrify Your Strings program and flying-V shaped Vipers, Mark Wood has stirred up the violin world and created a lot of excitement for electric violins. The Stingray Pro has a passive pickup system, providing a clean, strong output with a good tone. It has an integrated 1/4 inch output jack, and includes upgrades to the Wood Violins Perlon-core strings, Wittner FineTune pegs, a better-quality tailpiece, and a nicer grade of lightweight case If you need "silent" practice capability, consider adding a basic effects processor, which can do double duty as a headphone amp, allowing you to practice through headphones, with or without effects.

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Wireless Compatibility Line 6 Relay G10, Line 6 Relay G30
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