Wood Violins 4-string Viper, Black Cherry Pearl, Wood Tru-Tone pickup

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Perfect for a more traditional player who still wants the power and the rich, focused tone of the Barbera bridge, this 4-string fretless Viper from Wood Violins is finished in a dark but saturated black cherry metal flake finish. It's a striking color that really pops when the light catches it just right.

The Barbera bridge gives you a strong output that's great for any amplified style of "acoustic" music, but it's especially good in high volume situations, and is the best solution on the market for use with high-gain effects.

Just in from Wood Violins, this 4-string fretless Viper is a beautiful instrument, finished in a black cherry pearl metal flake finish. It's a dark, saturated red that practically catches fire when the light strikes the body or wing of the Viper.

A four-string fretless Viper feels the most like "home" to many classically-trained players, often making it the perfect choice for the more traditional player. The shoulder strap and chest support system is a revelation; the Viper feels like it just floats, and is a great solution for players with neck and shoulder injuries.

Exceptional amplified tone is provided by a Barbera Hybrid bridge, giving this Viper a strong output and clear, rich tone. Its tone is excellent for amplified "acoustic" styles, but it's especially well-suited for use in high volume situations and with high-gain effects.

Price includes a padded Viper gig bag. To protect your investment, you may want to add one of the new custom Viper hard cases, manufactured for Wood Violins by Bam.

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Wireless Compatibility Line 6 Relay G10, Line 6 Relay G30
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