Wood Violins Viper. 4-string fretless, Candy Apple Red metallic, Tru-Tone bridge

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Perfect for classically-trained violinists who prefer a fretless violin and a more open, ringing tone, this 4-string fretted Viper is beautifully finished in a candy apple red metallic that really pops under bright stage lights.

This scarlet snake gives you the freedom of movement that the Viper is famous for, while the Wood Tru-Tone bridge produces a tone that many find to be more like that of their acoustic violin. Its potent combination of the new and the familiar make this candy apple red 4-string fretless Viper a sweet choice that's hard to resist.

Price includes a padded gig bag -- for additional protection, we recommend the custom Bam VIper hard case.

If seven strings seems downright crazy to you, and even five string is a step too far, there's still a Viper that's perfect for you. Whether you've suffered a neck or shoulder injury, and are only interested in the chest support system so that you can practice and play without pain, or you sing and play keyboard, and need the flexbility and freedom of movement that it provides on stage, a Wood Violins Viper electric violin might the answer you've been looking for.

A four-string, fretless Viper is the most traditional form of this striking, modern design. To make it even more traditional, this candy apple red Viper also has the Wood Violins Tru-Tone bridge pickup, which many players feel has a more "acoustic" amplified sound, due to its open, ringing tone. It's a little brighter than a Barbera bridge, but when paired with a good acoustic amplifier, the Tru-Tone can be a more appropriate match for certain playing styles.

The brilliant finish of this particular Viper is a beautiful red metallic, with mica flakes in the paint that reflect back sparks of red, giving it a shimmery, pearlescent appearance. If you're a fan of red, this is a fantastic color, that's even better under stage lights.

A padded TKL gig bag is included, but to protect the investment that a Viper represents, EVS recommends adding a custom Bam VIper hard case.

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