Wood Violins 5-string Viper, Phantom Frets, Vegas Gold Digger finish with Barbera pickup

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Originally debuting at the NAMM show in January, this showy 5-string "phantom fret" Viper was dubbed "Vegas Gold Digger". Its finish is a checkerboard made up of alternating squares in gold metal flake and black. If you're looking for a Viper with tons of stage presence, the Vegas Gold Digger might be the perfect choice for you. A Barbera Hybrid bridge provides exceptional tone and a strong, rich output.

Our latest Viper violin is a five-string, "phantom fret" model, finished in a checkerboard matrix of gold metal flake and black squares. It's an eye-catching display that really pops under stage lights, as the large, metallic gold flakes capture and reflect the light.

5 Strings

Go deeper and richer, and cover more parts. A 5th string adds the viola C to the violin range. The bridge curvature and string spacing on the Viper make it easy to transition from your 4-string acoustic to this 5-string and back.

Viper Support System

The unique Viper support system combines a guitar-style strap with an adjustable locking chest support for a totally hands-free playing experience. The support system replaces the need for a shoulder rest and chin rest and affords you the ability to sing, move, run, jump, clap, interact with the audience…whatever!

Barbera Hybrid Pickup

The Barbera Hybrid pickup bridge integrates separate transducers for each string. Barbara bridges produce xceptional tone with strong, balanced output. Great for "clean" acoustic styles, and ideal for use with high-gain effects or in high-volume settings.

Phantom Frets

Frets are intended to help ensure that violinists playing in loud environments (e.g. rock band with guitar and drums) can play in tune even when they can’t hear themselves particularly well. Frets also give the fingerboard a visual component that some players find creatively helpful and assist in transposing finger patterns into different keys.

Wood Violins’ “Phantom” frets are real frets that have been filed down even with the surface of the fingerboard to provide a visual means of locating a pitch on the fingerboard. Mark Wood’s patented dot pattern aids in finding 5th, Octave, 12th and other important positions on the fretboard. For players who find the feel of raised frets unnatural but still want the visual aid for pitch location (or simply because frets look cool), then Phantom frets are a perfect compromise!


  • ___ hardware
  • 1/4” output jack located on left wing keeps cable out of the way
  • Padded Viper-shaped gig bag included (we recommend a Viper hard case—sold separately—for maximum protection of your investment)
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Wireless Compatibility Line 6 Relay G10, Line 6 Relay G30
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