Wood Violins 7-string fretted Viper, Deep Blue Quilt with Barbera pickup

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This 7-string fretted Viper has a beautiful deep blue transparent finish over a quilted maple exotic top. The cool, rich blue combines with the figure of the maple to give this instrument's top a wave-like appearance. A Barbera Twin Solid bridge provides this Viper with a strong output signal and rich, full tone, making it a great choice for amplified acoustic players, and especially well-suited in high-volume settings and for use with high-gain effects

Cool is the essence of the Viper's appeal, and what could be cooler than the deep, rich hue of this gorgeous blue Viper? It's a kind of blue you're sure to fall for, if you're a fan of the cooler end of the spectrum. The vivid, saturated cobalt of its transparent finish really highlights the figure of the quilted maple veneer. It's one of the prettiest Vipers we've ever had in the shop.

Equipped with a 7-string Barbera Twin Solid bridge, this Viper has a powerful output signal with a rich, full tone, well balanced across the full range of the instrument. This bridge is great for "clean" acoustic playing and ideal for heavier rock tones and use with high-gain effects or in high volume performances.

The Viper's patented chest support system gives you the freedom to move around on stage. Whether you're stepping up to the mic to sing, taking a turn at the keyboard, or just executing a particularly acrobatic move on stage choreography, whatever you need to do , your Viper will be ready when you are. Break free of your traditional thought patterns, and take your playing to the edge!

A TKL padded Viper gig bag is included, but to fully protect your investment, we recommend adding one of the new Bam custom Viper hard cases, available in black or silver. Save $29 off of the regular price, when you purchased your Bam hard case with a Viper from Electric Violin Shop.

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Wireless Compatibility Line 6 Relay G10, Line 6 Relay G30
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