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Wood Violins 4-string Viper, Silver Sparkle metallic, Barbera pickup

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For the more traditional player who still lusts after the cool factor and freedom of movement the Viper provides, this striking 4-string Silver Sparkle Viper will add stage presence wherever you perform! This fretless Viper has one of the most stunning finishes we've ever seen, a reflective silver metallic that's almost blindingly brilliant under stage lights or in direct sunlight.

If the idea of five, six, or seven strings scrambles your brain, but you want to be able to move around freely on stage, play another instrument, or sing -- or if you've suffered a range of motion injury that makes holding up a more traditional violin difficult, then this might be the perfect Viper for you.

This stunning fretless 4-string Wood Violins Viper has a bright silver metallic finish -- in direct sunlight or under stage lights, this Viper will definitely be the brightest thing on stage! Silver hardware completes the look of this brilliant 4-string Viper.

This silver Viper is equipped with the Barbera transducer bridge. The Barbera pickup sounds great "clean" through a good acoustic amplifier, but is perhaps the best pickup on the market for players who are using high-gain effects to achieve electric guitar-like sounds. Its strong output signal will help you to be heard, even when playing with the loudest ensembles.

The Viper's patented chest support system is a stroke of genius -- you don't have to waste even the tiniest bit of effort or attention to holding up the instrument. This gives you the freedom to focus all of your energy on making music. The chest support system lets you easily move around on stage, step up to the mic, or whatever you need to do -- and the instrument sounds as good as it looks. Break free of your traditional thought patterns, and take your playing to the edge!

Comes with a padded, Viper-shaped gig bag. To protect your investment, we recommend adding a Wood Violins Custom Viper Hard Case.

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Wireless Compatibility Line 6 Relay G10, Line 6 Relay G30
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