Wood Violins 6-string fretted Viper, Phantom Frets, Cherry Sunburst Burl with Barbera pickup

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This Viper has a striking cherry sunburst transparent finish over a spalted flamed maple "exotic top" veneer. The wood of this top is particularly gorgeous, with a strong figure throughout. This instrument also has "phantom" frets, which provide a visual position marker, while having the feel of a traditional fingerboard. Exceptional tone is provided by a Barbera Twin Hybrid bridge, for a strong, rich tone with great balance across the entire range of the instrument.

This beautiful Viper has their Cherry Burst finish over a spalted flamed maple veneer. This particular instrument has a finish that's somewhere between a cherry and a sunburst. It's a transparent red stain, going quickly through oranges and towards a slightly yellow tinge in the center of the instrument. The top is a beautiful piece of flamed maple veneer, with a strong spalt figure running through it..

This instrument is a six string Viper, with phantom frets. which provide the visual cue of regular frets, without any major changes to the feel of the fingerboard. Gold hardware completes the look of this particularly tasty Viper. A Barbera Twin Hybrid violin bridge provides a rich, strong output with excellent balance across the range -- it's especially well-suited for high volume setting and high-gain effects.

Comes with a padded, Viper-shaped gig bag. You may want to consider adding a custom Viper Hard Case, to protect your investment.

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Wireless Compatibility Line 6 Relay G10, Line 6 Relay G30
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