Yamaha SV-130 violin, candy apple red

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With the introduction of the Yamaha SV-130, the original "silent" violin has evolved into a solid performance instrument. It has a strong, warm amplified tone and clean output signal, thanks to a redesigned preamp with a built-in 1/4" output jack. It's also an excellent choice for players who needs to practice without disturbing others. Unplugged, the volume produced is minimal, while the headphones give you the full amplified sound of the instrument, and the built-in reverb adds resonant ambiance.

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Yamaha's SV-130 is the latest version of the original Silent Violin. Great for performance or "silent" practice, it has all the familiar reference points of a traditional violin. The neck is well-shaped, and the cut-out silhouette of the violin puts the upper bout of the violin right where you expect it, so you get the familiar feel of the ribs of the instrument when you shift into the higher positions.

The Yamaha SV-130 is an excellent choice for any player, from beginner to professional, who needs to practice at home or on the road without disturbing others. Unplugged, the volume produced is minimal, only what's produced by the string's vibration. In the headphones you can hear the full amplified tone of the instrument, and use the built-in reverb to add the resonant ambiance of a practice room, concert hall, or cathedral.

The SV-130's chin rest is molded plastic, built into the body; both it and the included modified half/three quarter size Kun shoulder rest can't be changed. The instrument is comfortable for the vast majority of our customers, but if the chin rest or shoulder pad aren't comfortable to you, consider the Yamaha SV-150 if the instrument is mainly for "silent" practice, or the Yamaha SV-200 for performance.

Comes from Yamaha in a heavy corrugated shipping box, and includes earbud headphones, an auxiliary output cable, shoulder rest, and owner's manual.

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