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The Yamaha SVV-200 is perfect for viola players of any level to perform or practice anytime. We've bundled everything violists will need with the Yamaha SVV-200 to go electric for the first time and sound great, including bow, effects, amp, cables and a case!

(Package defaults are pictured. Configure your package or read our gear recommendations below.


Advanced Electronics: Noise-free circuitry optimized for compatibility with professional audio gear makes the SILENT Viola™ an ideal choice for studio or stage. The built-in EQ can be bypassed when you want to take advantage of high-end outboard equalization equipment.

Full-size Frame: Violists will immediately feel comfortable with the SILENT Viola™’s standard 16” scale and full-size frame. The all-wood matte black frame has a natural feel, and can accommodate most standard chin/shoulder rests.

Dual Pickups Deliver Greater Dynamic Range: The SILENT Viola™’s dual pickup system delivers double resolution and expanded dynamic range. The pickups respond to subtle nuances making it easy to play with full expression, from pianissimo to fortissimo.

Special EQ Control: A special circuit isolates and controls the instrument’s upper harmonics, providing broad flexibility to adjust for individual playing styles, room acoustics, and amplification equipment, while closely approaching the tone of an acoustic viola.


The EVS Bolt fiber viola bow is the best-performing bow we've ever found under $100!


The Yamaha YEV does not come with a case included. For a good, basic hard shell case that fits and protects a YEV we have included the Howard Core adjustable viola case.

Amp & Effects options

The amps options in this package were chosen because they pair well with electric viola to make an attractive, acoustic-sounding amplified tone. That said, playing the electric viola is about more than just being louder—you want to explore a world of amazing tones you could never dream of on an acoustic!

Chose any amp according to your budget and volume needs. Pair any multi-effects processor to expand your tonal palette. The nicer the multi-FX pedal, the more options and easier to use. Or, if you want some great effects without adding a separate multi-FX pedal, select one of the BOSS Katana amps and its corresponding BOSS foot control pedal, which turns the Katana into an amp/effects rig! (Note: BOSS foot controls are not compatible with non-BOSS amps.)

Here are some recommended package configurations…

    • Best price:

      Kustom Sienna 16 amp + DigiTech Element XP effects

      For a smaller, more affordable entry-level amp & effects rig, the Sienna 16 amp has a nice tone, is suitable for home playing and smaller gigs. Add the Element XP effects processor for 58 effects, 100 factory presets, 100 user-definable presets, 45 drum tracks to play along with, plus an expression pedal for foot control of volume or wah.

    • Rock now, with room to grow [default configuration]:

      BOSS Katana 50 amp + BOSS FS-5L footswitch

      The Katana 50 is like a Swiss Army knife. Set it to the 0.5 watt output for quiet amplified practice at home and then crank it to 50 watts to play in a rock band. With a 12” inch speaker it sounds great and pushes more air. The Katana amps also have a full suite of onboard effects.

      The FS-5L footswitch is not an effects pedal, but it allows you to switch between 2 preset effects channels and the panel settings during live performance, allowing the Katana 50 to function as both amp *and* effects rig.

      If you want the power and price of the Katana 50 but need a little more flexibility with your effects, then instead of the FS-5L you can add a multi-effects pedal such as the DigiTech RP360.

    • Ultimate all-in-one performance rig:

      BOSS Katana 100 amp + BOSS GA-FC

      The Katana 100 amp is a real stage-worthy, powerful amp, loaded with features (including variable wattage for quiet home playing or ear drum-bursting stage sound) and onboard effects. With the Katana 100 you can be certain that you won’t get drowned out guitarists and drummers on stage—heck, your guitarist may even be jealous!

      To draw the most out of the Katana 100’s incredible onboard effects suite you need to be able to call up and combine several effects during performance (no one wants to stop playing to twist knobs and push buttons!). The BOSS GA-FC foot control is compatible with the Katana 100 and lets you switch between preset effects channels as well as turn on and off or combine up to three pre-selected effects, such as distortion, modulation and reverb.

      If you want the power of the Katana 100 but even more effects flexibility, add the BOSS ME-80 multi-effects pedal instead of the GA-FC foot control.

    • Versatile pro rig:

      Fishman Loudbox Mini amp + any multi-effects pedal

      The Fishman Loudbox Mini is an incredible lightweight and small amp with a big, gorgeous tone. If you’re playing a gig where only an “acoustic” tone is required, leave the effects pedal at home and use the Loudbox’s onboard reverb for a lush, convincing tone. Sitting in with a rock band? Break out your multi-effects processor and throw down with the huge selection of distortion, modulation, delay, wah and other effects these pedals contain.
    A note on the multi-effects options—while they all have good-sounding effects, the BOSS ME-80 is our favorite as it is most intuitive to set and easiest to use in performance. The DigiTech pedals sound great and are easier on the pocket book, but serious performers should opt for the BOSS ME-80.


Most amp & effects combinations required two cables—one from the viola to the effects pedal and one from the effects pedal to the amp. We’ve pre-selected 2 Planet Waves Classic 10’ cables for this package.

If you are purchasing a BOSS Katana 100 amp and BOSS GA-FC foot controller to use as an amp/effects rig, you need only 1 cable, as the cable required for the GA-FC is included.

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