ZETA Jazz Fusion violin, Roasted Birdseye Maple 'The Journey' Special Edition

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The iconic Jazz Fusion is Zeta’s flagship electric violin, made famous by jazz fusion violinist Jon-Luc Ponty. The Jazz Fusion delivers a clean, electric violin tone that transmits less bow change sound than almost any other piezo transducer system. This violin is a special commemorative Zeta violin called 'The Journey', which features an inlay with symbolism from the company's past (read below for details).
Own a piece of electric violin history! This special edition Jazz Fusion, called 'The Journey', commemorates the resurrection of ZETA violins. The special finger board inlay features an eagle and two mountain peaks in the background and the numbers 34 and 21. The number 34 is how many years ago ZETA was founded. 21 is the number of years since new ZETA owner Steve Carlson last manufactured musical instruments as a mandolin maker. The mountain peaks are the most recognizable from ZETA's previous location in Arizona and its new location in Montana. The Zeta Fusion is a semi-hollow construction of lightweight basswood or mahogany. Instead of a traditional tailpiece, it has a fixed attachment point for the strings that preserves the proper angle of strings across the bridge. There are no upper bouts, so fast shifts up and down the neck do not require the left hand to come around the upper part of the body. This can really increase up your improvisational freedom. For those who want that physical cue, a metal rod comes with the instrument that can be installed in the body to emulate the rib of the violin.? The Jazz Bridge has 2 sensors per string, and is much thicker than Zeta’s other bridges. It is height adjustable with a tiny allen wrench. There are two directional piezo pickups per string, perpendicular to each other. They read the movement of the string at 90 degree angles, effectively canceling out unwanted harmonics and bow noise. Each paired pickup signal is divided and run to separate internal gain controls so that the string level can be balanced for analog uses, while allowing the output to be separated cleanly for MIDI applications. The Jazz bridge delivers a clean, electric violin tone that is favored by artists world-wide. The overall sound of the Jazz bridge is full and satisfying, and it transmits less bow change sound than then almost any other piezo transducer system.


  • ‘Zeta’ ebony chinrest and ebony tailpiece
  • Onboard preamp
  • Onboard volume control
  • 1/4? output jack
  • Multi-pin MIDI output jack
  • Custom ZETA case included

MIDI Compatibility

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Wireless Compatibility Line 6 Relay G10, Line 6 Relay G30
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