CodaBow Joule violin bow

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What the folks at CodaBow do often approaches alchemy! Nowhere is this more evident than in the CodaBow Joule. Specifically designed for octave and extended-range strings, the Coda Joule grips even the octave C and B-flat strings well, drawing a good tone from these violinistic oddities without sacrificing balance and feel. Electric Violin Shop is an authorized CodaBow dealer.

When we asked the folks at CodaBow if they'd ever considered making a bow especially for octave and extended-range strings, they got as excited about the idea as we were (apparently, we weren't the only people who asked!). What we didn't expect was how quickly they could go from idea through three or four stages of prototypes, to a finished product! Their newest creation, the CodaBow Joule, has an exceptional balance and feel, quite light in the hand, and draws a great tone from both acoustic and electric violins -- it would be a really great bow for any violin, acoustic, electric, or extended-range. But if you play a five, six, or seven-string violin, or a "baritone" violin strung with octave strings, the Coda Joule is the answer to your prayers. Gripping the octave C string and B-flat easily, the Joule makes getting a great, solid tone out of even the lowest string designed for violin easier than you could imagine. (For the record, we've not yet had opportunity to try the Joule on a violin-scale low E-flat string.) The Coda Joule weighs in around the 61-gram mark, but feels lighter in the hand, due its exceptional balance. The shape of the frog is quite elegant, with a distinctively different look that's pleasing to the eye. Fit and finish and overall build quality are near-flawless -- as we've come to expect from CodaBow. Electric Violin Shop has built and maintains a close working relationship with CodaBow International, and is an authorized CodaBow dealer.

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