Roland GR-55 MIDI Synthesizer

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Turn your MIDI-capable electric violin into a powerful, full-featured synthesizer with the Roland GR-55. Only specially modified Fourness Fuse and Cantini MIDI violins can connect to and trigger the GR-55, so be sure to read the violins' descriptions or check with us for help determining compatibility.

The Roland GR-55 is the industry standard synthesizer for guitarists and now for violinists. It is an extremely powerful unit with over 900 tones in its memory. Patches can be built that are a highly controllable blend of up to two tones, a modeled pickup sound, and the natural pickup sound of the instrument, plus amp models and effects. The possibilities are literally endless. The GR-55 can also be used as a trigger for external MIDI devices, so if you are connected to a computer by a USB connection and want to use your violin to trigger sounds in GarageBand or any other Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), it works well for that, too. Features:

  • Easy to use and easy to play with hundreds of great, ready-to-use sounds
  • COSM guitar and amp modeling
  • Two types of multi-effects engines, plus global reverb, chorus, and delay effects, and an onboard looper
  • Built-in USB audio player with foot control

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