Schertler DYN-B P48 bass transducer

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The Schertler DYN-B bass transducer sounds like a great studio mic, yet is attached to your bass so you can move with the music. Fabulous acoustic tone - if accurate tonal reproduction of your fine instrument is your goal - look no further! Small, light, unobtrusive. Safe for even the finest varnishes. XLR out, no preamp needed.

If you want your audience to hear all the tonal nuances of your bass, the Schertler DYN-B electrodynamic bass transducer is your best choice! Like having a studio quality microphone following you around! Great tone, strong signal, perfect accuracy - you'll never use a piezo pickup again! Installs on the back with high-tech putty, removed easily. It installs and removes quickly, and is even safe on old Italian varnish. Safe enough for Rostropovich to put on his Strad cello! The transducer has a short wire that ends in a 3 pin connector held between the strings in front of the tailpiece. An 88" cable plugs into the connector and ends in a standard XLR mic jack. No phantom power is required. NOTE: Do not thump the piston of the transducer to see if it works - it is very sensitive and can be damaged. (The sensitivity is why it sounds so good!)

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