Stratton Skull Standard Fretted Electric Violin, Dark Driftwood

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To bring the compelling design of his popular Skull violin to a wider audience, maker Jeff Stratton has streamlined his production process, eliminating some of the hand carving that made each previous Skull unique and simplifying the scroll design. The result is a striking and attractive instrument at a much more affordable price. This fretted version of the Stratton Skull Standard is a clear value, one of the least-expensive fretted instruments also equipped with the powerful Barbera transducer bridge.
This is the one of the first fretted production models of the Stratton Skull electric violin. The Skull Standard is a conscious effort on Jeff's part to make the dynamic look and powerful sound of his instrument available to musicians on a budget. Simplifying the scroll design and eliminating the hand carving that made the shape of each skull unique resulted in reduced weight and a substantial decrease in the price of the violin. Adding frets makes this instrument one of the most affordable Barbera-equipped fretted violins on the market. The Standard model Stratton Skulls are usually finished in black, but this particular instrument has a dark driftwood finish. Jeff Stratton's design aesthetic yields striking instruments that really speak to their players. Mimicking natural shapes and textures, his electric violins look bold and unusual but preserve all of the physical reference points of your acoustic violin. The result is a unique expression of Jeff's artistic vision that feels like your regular violin, if a little heavier. The in-your-face appearance of this four-string Stratton electric violin is more than just bravado; a Barbera Twin Hybrid bridge provides a rich, full tone, focused and strong. The Barbera works great with acoustic styles, but is uniquely well-suited for use with effects, performing exceptionally well in high-volume situations. This Stratton Skull electric violin would make an excellent addition to the arsenal of a touring player. If you need an electric violin that strikes as bold a stance on-stage as you do, look no further.
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Wireless Compatibility Line 6 Relay G10, Line 6 Relay G30
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