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Yamaha SVC-210 Silent Cello, Pearl White

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This custom pearl white paint makes this cello a real eye catcher! The Yamaha SVC-210 applies the resonating chamber from the SVC-110 to a more-portable design for travel. Sleek and modern in form, yet very natural in tone and feel, the Yamaha SVC-210 strikes the perfect balance between portability and playability.

The custom pearl white paint makes this SVC-210 cello the ultimate stage statement. The cello folds up for more compact travel, and is quite visually striking because the color is consistent across the body of the instrument, without the black-painted wood frame like the SVC-110 cello. Perfect for weddingsThe Yamaha SVC-210 adds a resonating chamber to their travel cello, giving it a more open, acoustic tone. The sound is warm and natural. In terms of tone, this Yamaha Electric Cello sounds fuller than the Yamaha SVC-50, yet still uses a standard wood bridge. We re-cut the bridge to a normal curve (it comes with a non-standard curvature - buy from us instead of the Web catalogs and you'll thank yourself as soon as you start playing!). Yamaha's design goal was to produce the most naturally acoustic-sounding travel cello they have ever produced. It is indeed close to a full-bodied acoustic tone when played through a properly matched amplifier. The body of the Yamaha SVC-210 preserves all the contact points of a normal cello - especially the heel of the neck, which is an important reference point for shifting to the higher positions. Tone is excellent, and the built-in reverb warms up your sound. The Yamaha SVC-210 folds down into a small size for easy traveling. The knee outriggers remain attached when you fold it - one less part to remove and forget to pack! Includes heavy duty gig bag, headphones.

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