Yamaha SVC-110 Silent Cello, Pearl White

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The Pearlescent White Yamaha SVC-110 cello has the same great features and sound as the normal Yamaha 110 cello, but with an eye catching custom paint finish that will light up the stage! Black and white is so classic.

The Yamaha SVC-110 Studio Acoustic Body Cello has a hollow resonating chamber that adds amazing warmth, depth, and complexity of timbre to the instrument's tone. Yamaha describes it as the most naturally acoustic-sounding cello they have ever produced. It's similarity to a full-bodied acoustic tone is quite authentic (given a properly matched amplifier). The Yamaha SVC-110 does not collapse into a smaller shape for travel/storage like the SVC-210 and SVC-50 cellos do; it retains both the overall shape and physical reference points of a traditional acoustic cello. Great for students and professional classical musicians who need a more durable instrument with "silent" practice capabilities. Equally at home in concert settings, the Yamaha SVC-110 is for electric cellists who need to play at higher volumes to be heard over the band. No need to worry about the feedback that typically plagues acoustic cellos amplified with an aftermarket pickup system. Includes a nicely padded gig bag.

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